We recently performed a video shoot for our Pro Crystal Hair Treatment as well as for Huile d’or, which will showcase and demonstrate our products.

Without having used our products before, we were confident that our model would be impressed, and she was! She complimented the sweet fragrance of Huile d’or as well as how light it was. Unlike other competing brands of Argan oil, Huile d’or doesn’t leave a heavy greasy residue on top your hair, instead, our nutrients are absorbed into your hair leaving it soft to the touch. She also complimented on our Pro Crystal Hair Treatment, which left her hair totally rejuvenated and  silky smooth, especially compared to how it was before the shoot. MKH Pro Crystal Hair Treatment is ideal for bringing damaged hair back to life, and in our models case; any frizzy hair she had prior to using our treatment was completely gone.

Our products are formulated to bring out the best results and use only the highest quality ingredients possible. Once you try them, we’re confident that you’ll love them too!

Be sure to check out our videos from the shoot as well once they’re up on Youtube!