MKH Collection is part of MKH Worldwide, a global leader in high-quality cosmetics, hair care, and skincare products.
MKH Collection and its parent company MKH Worldwide develop our consumer products with a focus on scientific research.

Bringing innovative ideas, refined products, and personalized customer service directly to our customers through each and every one of our products.

For over 20 years MKH Worldwide has been an industry leader in beauty supply manufacturing and development. Our brand represents the pinnacle of hair styling perfection.

A few years ago we began to realize a void in the marketplace for high-quality skin and hair care products. With this in mind, we began to develop our specialized skin and hair care products that would deliver lasting results and luxurious hair and radiant skin. All of our products are infused with the finest natural ingredients for the finest quality products on the market.

We now offer a world-class line of hair & skin care products to help all of our customers reach their goals for the most luxurious and beautiful hair and skin in the world.

Our main goal was to create an all-natural oil that could be used to encourage
healthy hair and skin. Our in-house scientists have used a specific combination of natural ingredients to create this goal which focuses on giving you a shimmery glow throughout.

Water and all-natural ingredients have been combined in our products so that you receive every benefit possible from every single use. Our oils are created with various fruit extracts and argan oil which are filled with the vitamins that your skin and hair requires to remain silky and beautiful.